Growing Our Community

To grow our community of Women Social Entrepreneurs (WSEs) and supporters, we have (and will continue to) create spaces for them to convene, collaborate, and connect.  

2020 – Advancing Women Social Entrepreneurs in ASEAN Report Launch and Virtual Summit

We launched in August of 2020 and brought together WSEs, supporters, funders, and others in the ecosystem to discuss our findings on a virtual platform. This event allowed for stakeholders from around the region to collaborate and gain insights on the current field of Women Social Entrepreneurship, learning how to better support the movement.


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2020 – Building a Network of Women Social Entrepreneurs

Informed by the key insights of the ASEAN-wide report and recognizing the growing needs of social entrepreneurs due to the pandemic, the Women Together for a Better Normal program was a three-month long weekly summit for forty (40) WSEs to virtually build their skills, hone their empathy and leadership, and form a community of support. These dynamic and resilient women comprise the pioneer cohort of the program, remaining steadfast in their goals as they navigate the global crisis together.  

We have expanded our work regionally to continue our movement in supporting women. We have also increased our collaborations and are currently working with our partners-- Deutsche Bank and S&P Global Foundation-- to address the needs of WSEs by increasing their knowledge and capacity through the DIWA (Deepening Impact of Women Activators) program. 

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2021 – Growing Our Movement of Advancing Women Social Entrepreneurs in ASEAN

We continue to grow regionally in order to further the women’s movement. We have grown our collaborations and we are currently working with our partners-- Deutsche Bank and S&P Global Foundation-- to address four main pillars with our second cohort: increasing knowledge and capacity (DIWA), advocating for women (WIN), amplifying their stories (SOI), and supporting them/celebrating their growth (Graduation and Summit). We plan to institutionalize the findings from our first year, allowing the women to not only nurture their talents, but also feel empowered to be innovative Changemakers who improve their organizations.