The same prejudice is often extended to families that have children with disabilities, who are not accepted by society and frequently subjected to discrimination. Families are usually the first people known to children with disabilities. If society does not accept these families, how can children with disabilities secure their rights. 

Family is the closest group of people to a child with disabilities, so the family should be a safe and comfortable space for the child. Because, up until now, families with children with disabilities have often been marginalized or overlooked by society, and the fulfillment of the rights of children with disabilities has not been optimally met. So there is a need for a platform to communicate, educate, exchange information, and coordinate with parents who have children with disabilities. 

In this collaboration project, PPRBM collaborated with Buah Hati Intan Pari Forum and provincial government to conduct disability sensitivity trainings. Buah Hati Intan Pari Forum itself is the forum in Solo as a space for parents with children with disabilities to learn, to improve the capacity of children with disabilities and spaces for parents to discuss and share their experiences.  

Through that training, it is shown from the survey that 


  1. 50% of the participants (10 out of 20) who attend the disability sensitivity training acquirea a comprehensive understanding of various disabilities and appropriate ways to interact with disabled individuals, 

  1. The establishment of a supportive policy and budget allocation from the government for PPRB forums catering to children with disabilities,  

  1. 50% of the participants (10 out of 20) developed a disability perspective and contributed towards creating an inclusive environment in the community. 

In the long run, Istini hoped the participating people has a complete understanding of disabilities, parents with disabled children have a broad perspective, enabling them to become agents of change in society by promoting disability rights. The government and society can support the existence of a children with disabilities forum as a platform for communication, education, coordination, and advocacy related to their rights. After this collaboration, Istini hopes to improve cooperation or collaboration with the local government on issues related to fulfilling the rights of people with disabilities. 


A woman hugs a child