DIWA Call for Collaboration

The DIWA Call for Collaboration was designed to provide small funding support for collaborative projects proposed by DIWA Alumni specifically in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand. Each approved proposal received financial support of up to 2,000 USD.  

As a result, 19 DIWA Alumni collaborated, dispersing 25,000 USD across various projects. These collaborations extended beyond the WSE community, involving over 75 partners including Ashoka Fellows, Ashoka community facilitators, governmental bodies, companies, and civil society organizations. Leveraging a larger network, these collaborations effectively reached more than 1,000 individuals in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand, the majority of whom have marginalized identities such as women, youth, and Indigenous people. Additionally, DIWA Alumni based outside these three countries gained exposure to ongoing projects by listening to collaboration participants who shared their experiences at a DIWA Story Showcase event. Both the Ashoka team and partners gleaned valuable insights from these collaborations, recognizing opportunities to align their work accordingly.