Insights from Ecosystems  

We have collaborated with S&P Global Foundation and Deutsche Bank to hold roundtables on a variety of topics, bringing in influential Women Social Entrepreneurs (WSEs) and showcasing their inspirational conversations.  These roundtable discussions will be held in Q3 & Q4 of 2021, and we will continue to share our insights and release our findings as they occur. 

S&P Global Foundation

S&P Global Foundation Roundtable Discussions 

National Topics: 

  • The Philippines: Surfacing Strategies to Cope with Multiple Burdens in Lockdown for Women Social Entrepreneurs 
    • This will look at how WSEs are keeping up with the government’s ever-changing levels of community quarantine protocol, delving into the struggles of women at home during lockdown. What are the multiple burdens that Filipinas juggle, especially WSEs, and what cultural and societal factors contribute to this? How have these struggles been exacerbated by lockdowns and quarantines, and how can these be coped with?  
  • Thailand: How to build a network both formal and informal of women leaders in the social space across all generations in Thailand to connect and allow for intergeneration learning, allowing for the WSE movement to grow?  
    • Here, we will look at how to bring networks of women together, as there is a large gap between the older and younger generation due to political dynamics in Thailand. We will showcase the current state of Thailand and its beliefs, focusing on the social sector to understand the intergenerational support for equality.   
  • Indonesia: Shifting Dynamics for Women Within the Household, Allowing Women to Lead an Everyone a Changemaker World 
    • Women are at the core of their communities, though they are not seen as powerful or leaders of their households. We will look at how to grow female leadership, exploring what needs to be done to empower and mobilize women. This conversation will also look into empowering women at the family level, as well as supporting them at the societal level.  
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Deutsche Bank Roundtable Discussions: Sustainability 

Topic 1: How do we bridge the gap between awareness and action in the space of climate change and sustainability?

  • This conversation will look into whether the environmental space needs to establish stronger calls to action, as well as how the increased awareness around planet and climate issues will translate to transformational action. What are the steps, mechanisms, and/or infrastructures that will implore stakeholders to shift from knowing to doing? 

Topic 2: What behavior nudges and shifts are needed among each stakeholder and their interventions to achieve impact at scale and speed?

  • Here, we will look at the media and communications as interventions- how can we adopt positive communication for environmental sustainability? Is brand-centric communication effective, or does making sustainability appealing water down the reality of the situation? What is the most effective way to cause behavioral changes?  

Topic 3: Being at the forefront of the sustainability space, what are the trends and gaps in innovation and strategy that show it is also economically viable?