Stories of Impact 

Our Stories of Impact series consists of videos and articles that showcase the challenges Southeast Asian Women Social Entrepreneurs (WSEs) face and their corresponding solutions that change broken systems for the good of all.

Uplifting women who lift others: Trainings by Ashoka, S&P, Deutsche Bank empower ASEAN women social entrepreneurs

Women in Southeast Asia have identified the need for a strong community and structured mentorship to grow and navigate the challenges of social entrepreneurship.
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To break free from restrictive gender roles, women should exercise “invisible power,” say ASEAN women leaders

Changing narratives about women requires changing the norms and the system. It also requires women to break free from gender roles and become more visible in the public sphere.
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In addressing women’s “multiple burdens,” change should start at home

Where patriarchy still largely dictates gender roles, unpaid care work remains a deep-seated problem. In Thailand and Indonesia, two women changemakers are leading the path toward this necessary change.
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Exchanges of wisdom: Generational connection needed for enduring change among women leaders

“Rather than looking at the world at the lens of age conflict, we need to adjust to this multigenerational moment that’s already washing over us,” says Ashoka Fellow Marc Freedman.
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Systemic changes necessary to dismantle barriers against women’s leadership

It is a reality that is evident in workplaces and organizations, one that is often silently shared by women. Even with growing awareness of gender equality and gender bias across the world, women still struggle to be heard and to take on leadership positions, even if they possess the character and...
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SEA women social entrepreneurs scale deep, up and out to enact systemic change

Women hold up half the sky, but the reality remains that they are severely underrepresented in leadership positions across different sectors all around the world.
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