DIWA is a three-month-long online capacity-building program made possible by our partnership with S&P Global Foundation. DIWA takes Women Social Entrepreneurs (WSEs) on a learning journey that empowers them to create stronger impact, all while establishing a community of determined WSEs in ASEAN.

If you are a WSE who wants to build their capacity, deepen their impact, and be part of a community of strong female leaders, apply to be a part of our DIWA program. Join us in our movement of empowering female leaders through increasing their confidence and fostering community!

This 2022, we hope to continue building an ecosystem where women social entrepreneurs can role model courageous, compassionate, and inclusive leadership and co-lead changemaking movements to catalyze systems change through the DIWA Capacity-building Program, in partnership S&P Global Foundation.  

Illustrations of women with text "DIWA: Call for Applications"


We are looking for 25 WSEs who are committed to supporting, learning, and engaging with other women leaders in ASEAN.  


The 25 handpicked Women Social Entrepreneurs will be able to:  

  • Attend over three (3) months of live virtual sessions via Zoom from June to August and join optional activities throughout the year  

  • Get access to:   

    • Events and conversations where you can learn, connect, and engage within the Ashoka ecosystem  

    • Toolkits on topics that will influence and strengthen your work  

  • Engage in Coaching Circles to enrich learning and strengthen networks with peers  

  • Complete pre-session and post-session activities to practice and maximize your new insights and learnings  

  • Graduate and engage in the DIWA Alumni Network, a community of women social entrepreneurs in ASEAN, after completing your sessions 

Selected participants will also be connected to major media outlets and a greater network of potential funders and collaborators. 


Eligibility criteria are as follows: 

Eligibility Criteria for DIWA 2022


Applications are open until the 30th of April 2022 (Saturday).  

Applications are available in English, Bahasa Indonesia, and Thai.

Aplikasi ini tersedia dalam Bahasa Inggris, Bahasa Indonesia, dan Thai.

คุณสามารถเลือกกรอกใบสมัครนี้เป็นภาษาอังกฤษ, ภาษาบาฮาซาอินโดนีเซีย, หรือภาษาไทยก็ได้


The DIWA Year 3 Modules

This online program aims to equip women social entrepreneurs (WSEs) with frameworks, tools, and ideas that will enable them to lead teams effectively and create systemic impact. This year’s learning journey will prepare WSEs for a holistic, inclusive, and connected women leadership and impact that consists of the following modules:  


Module 1: CARE - Women Leadership for System Change 

Learn how to be a better communicator and empathizer. This module will work on increasing women’s confidence and getting them to identify their leadership strengths and gaps to build a strong team. This includes: 

  • Shifting the narrative around female leadership to overcome gender-specific barriers 

  • Recognizing and nurturing the whole person including one's role as a leader, mother, community organizer, and finding courage through these roles  

  • Building a strong team culture 


Module 2: IMPACT - Strategies for System Change: 

Learn to develop your impact strategy by identifying key business leverage points and opportunities for partnerships. This includes: 

  • Mapping the system and identifying key leverage points for change  

  • Designing solutions for strategic partnerships and financial sustainability 


Module 3: AMPLIFY - Purposeful Branding and Movement Marketing 

Amplify your mission by owning and sharing your narratives to activate long-lasting and purposeful partnerships, while building and sustaining changemaking movements. This includes: 

  • Storytelling for movement building and fundraising   

  • Activating partnerships 

  • Amplifying one's impact by building a culture of Changemaking 

The value of this program is further enhanced by a close-knit community of WSEs who are dedicated to being Changemakers in ASEAN. We need an army of women changemakers to solve pressing problems in ASEAN. This community will provide support and friendship to make this journey of creating systemic change less lonely. 

Informed by the key insights of our ASEAN-wide report, Women Together for a Better Normal was a weekly, three-month-long, online program for 40 Filipina Women Social Entrepreneurs (WSEs) to build their skills, hone their empathy and leadership, and form a community of support. This recognized and addressed the growing needs of social entrepreneurs during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

The pioneer cohort of the program was comprised of dynamic and resilient women who remained steadfast in their goals while navigating the global crisis together. 

In 2021, DIWA expanded to include over 40 Women Social Entrepreneurs (WSEs) across Southeast Asia in a three-month-long online capacity-building program, made possible by our partnership with Deutsche Bank and S&P Global Foundation. 

This online program equipped WSEs with frameworks, tools, and ideas that will enable them to lead teams effectively and create systemic impact. This program also aims to create a close-knit community of WSEs who are dedicated to being Changemakers in ASEAN. 

Together with 25 WSEs representing 6 different ASEAN countries, DIWA's third year is on a mission to cultivate an ecosystem of women social entrepreneurs who can role model courageous, compassionate, and inclusive leadership and co-lead change-making movements to catalyze systems change. 

Being part of the cohort has made me feel gratitude and a sense of peace...the community...is made of people who do not think twice before rolling up their sleeves and help you get through the hurdles...this is a safe place, without judgments...where we can ask for help and grow our capacity.

Wryneth Gay G. Mayapit, Founder of Indi PH
Mayapit, Wryneth Gay (INDI and Sumika Collectives)

Being part of the cohort has made me feel equipped and ready to take on other challenges because I have felt again that anything could be possible...after a series of times where...no one acting on [problems]...Ashoka renewed that strength in me again that I can be a solution to my problem.

Salika B. Maguindanao, Founder of Maranao Collectible Service Cooperative
 Maguindanao, Salika (Maranao Colletible Service Cooperative)