The project collaborates with local non-profit organizations and schools to deliver EQ programs to children aged 6 to 12. The overarching goal is to empower families with knowledge and skills necessary for building stronger relationships, effectively managing emotions, and improving overall well-being. The project plans to develop a sustainable funding model by eventually charging reasonable fees, ensuring that low-income families still have access to EQ education free of charge. 

The initiative involves organizing workshops and training sessions focusing on key aspects of emotional intelligence, such as self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, and social skills. These sessions are designed to be age-appropriate for children and provide practical guidance for parents to foster EQ development in their children. Targeting families in urban areas, particularly in the Bangkae community of Bangkok, the project aims to make the program accessible to those who need it most.  

The long-term vision of this initiative is to create a sustainable model for EQ education, supporting community well-being and mental health. By empowering children and families with EQ skills, the project anticipates a positive impact on their personal lives, relationships, and academic performance. The goal is to develop a scalable and replicable model that can be expanded to other areas, contributing to a more empathetic, emotionally intelligent, and resilient society. 

The EQ4ALL project spearheaded by Chanakarn Kachonseree achieved notable success in advancing emotional intelligence (EQ) within the Bangkae community. Personal development was observed in the form of enhanced management skills, particularly in people management, teamwork, teaching, partnership-building, and marketing. On an organizational level, the project established a fruitful partnership with Thammasapa schools, resulting in 61 families receiving training. For parents and students, the project delivered crucial skills in managing emotions, improving communication, and mastering time management. These results indicate a comprehensive impact on individuals, families, and the educational institutions involved, fostering a community better equipped to handle emotional and social challenges. 

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