This project aims to address the problem that most farmers lack knowledge about food processing and struggle with product sales. The initiative revolves around a special banana product called 'Kid-Taang' (Think Different), which uses unripe bananas due to their lower sugar content, making them suitable for consumers with health concerns like diabetes.   

The project will teach farmers to create engaging short clip content to promote their products more effectively and reach consumers who are health-conscious. These media efforts are expected to clarify the benefits of choosing foods that meet health needs and reduce the risk of non-communicable diseases (NCDs). The approach incorporates storytelling and transmedia, which are particularly relevant in today's rapidly changing media landscape. The farmers are trained in the entire process, from concept thinking, script writing, filming, and editing, to help them create compelling media that highlights the strengths and unique aspects of their products. 

The collaboration's success will be measured by the recognition and sales of the 'Kid-Taang' products, the increased use of community coins, and the farmers' ability to independently produce media content for their products. The project aims to use this model for a circular economy, where even bananas with defects can be used productively. By transferring the technology for the banana drying process to the community and integrating media skills, the initiative seeks to improve the economic stability of farmers, expand their market reach, and support the community's overall development. 

The Talent Banana Project, under the guidance of Dr. Duangta Krasin, has effectively trained 16 individuals, equipping them with the skills to create compelling promotional content for their products, as evidenced by the production of 16 video clips and static images. This educational endeavor has not only fostered new knowledge assets but has also expanded its impact through collaboration, allowing participants to secure additional resources such as accommodations and transportation. These efforts have culminated in the creation of three extra short video clips for presentations, thereby enhancing the participants' ability to market their products and potentially increasing the reach and appeal of their businesses. 

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