The program aimed to cultivate empathetic leadership skills among mothers and enable them to serve as educational centers at home while maximizing their potential to inspire other women and mothers through a synergy forum. ASIK (Akselerasi Ibu Masa Kini or Acceleration of Today's Mothers) collaborated with changemaker mothers to create a targeted ecosystem of mothers for the workshop classes. The program is particularly interested in engaging new mothers who share the same goals. 

Its goal is to produce mothers who drive change from their homes and offer productivity solutions, particularly in education, literacy, and health through digital technology. The program aims to create changemakers who can provide solutions to the most pressing issues faced by mothers. These changemaker mothers received resources to sustain their efforts, including financial support. 

If this collaborative project were a movie, Fatimah would see this be like an Hindi Film entitled Mission Mangal or Mission to Mars (2019), starred by Akhsay Kumar, A team of Indian scientists at ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) consisted of several mothers take on the extraordinary task of successfully sending a satellite into the orbit of planet Mars in a country's maiden attempt. They are called MOM (Mars Orbiter Mission). This deeply patriotic film takes a few cinematic liberties along the way, while doing that, it delves into the lives of the scientists who made this almost-impossible dream come true. Like another science fiction movie our collaboration in MIRACLE is also related with this film: mothers, activities, impossibilities, passion, limitation, and struggle and so on. 

First and foremost, this collaboration gave a personal impact to Fatimah as the initiator. This collaborative work enhanced her leadership experience and her influencing skills to engage five team leaders in Ibu Pembaharu network to collaborate. She challenged herself to do personal branding through media (during this a-3-month MIRACLE program she participated in national seminar to broaden the impact of empathetic motherhood resulted two academic papers presented on last August 2023 and one accredited journal in Family Science). She proved herself that every mother is a changemaker with their compassionate goal.  Thirdly, which is the most touching experience for her, she happily fulfilled her second pregnancy journey together with almost 60 mothers in incubation class of MIRACLE. 

In terms of the impact on the beneficiaries, Fatimah received abundant numbers of positive feedback from participants to maintain this class to the next stage. MIRACLE moms stated that they enjoyed the learning journey by captivating supportive energy from the class group. This program reached 58 mothers, 79% accomplished the classes, 308 reels challenge submitted with 500+ #EACH hashtag to promote Ashoka’s vision; Everyone a Changemaker (EACH). 

For ASIK as the organization, they are humbled to be able to collaborate with Ibu Pembaharu network, an ecosystem for raising changemaker mom in Indonesia and engaged with various speakers from different expertise and numerous extraordinary influencer mom to spread the key messages. Through this collaboration also, ASIK can spread the empathetic leadership as keyframe of women support women movement either to tackle today's issues in digital disruption or the empathetic way to embrace motherhood journey in general. This eventually strengthened women communities' network distinctively in three main issue area; education, motherhood, and health issues. It also attracted more attention from other community groups, connecting new changes for future collaborative action (with participant/facilitators/speakers) and sparked more ideas for next upcoming projects. 


You can view a recording of the event here