The program aims to counteract urban migration and promote local economic development by equipping young people with the knowledge and skills needed to become purposeful entrepreneurs in their hometowns. This aligns with the program's broader goal of reducing income disparities between urban and rural areas and supporting sustainable development. 

The program targets teams of up to three members, focusing on individuals aged 25-45, including recent graduates, who have viable business ideas that they are ready to implement in their communities in Northern or Northeastern Thailand. The Roots Incubation Program aims to build capacities and experiences, helping participants apply knowledge gained from the program to foster the success of their businesses and development goals. The program includes a collaboration with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, which supports the initiative’s mission. 

The expected outcomes include equipping young leaders with essential knowledge and skills to develop their enterprises, creating positive impacts in their local communities, and enhancing the understanding of open markets. The long-term impact envisioned is the creation of a strong network of young changemakers, who will drive local economic development and contribute to Thai decentralization. The program's approach is to develop the participants' understanding of their roots and needs, thereby empowering them to fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams and become driving forces in their community development. 

The Roots Incubation Program achieved significant results in empowering young entrepreneurs in rural Thailand. A total of 16 teams, comprising 21 participants eager to initiate social entrepreneurship or community development projects in rural areas, were successfully equipped with five sets of essential knowledge and skills. These educational components included "Discovering Yourself," which focused on personal development and self-awareness; "Creative Local," emphasizing the utilization of local resources and culture; "Creating Impact," aimed at generating positive social and environmental impacts; "Purposeful Business," which concentrated on building sustainable and impactful business models; and "Community Engagement," which taught effective ways to involve and benefit the community. This comprehensive training has effectively prepared these young individuals to contribute meaningfully to their local communities through innovative and impactful initiatives. 


You can view all the fellows from the 2023 ReRoot Bootcamp here.

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