Through collaborative product design, INDI aims to launch a new product line, INDI Home Essentials, contributing to the growth and development of INDI PH. This initiative not only involves the creation of innovative products but also serves as a platform for community partners to acquire new skills, fostering a deeper and more meaningful partnership with INDI. 

Throughout their collaboration, various insights and opportunities have surfaced for them. They meticulously mapped out the skills, capacities, and limitations of their members, gaining a comprehensive understanding of their capabilities. Delving into the mindset of both weavers and their partners, they sought ways to align their values harmoniously. Venturing into working with single mothers for the first time prompted them to make numerous adjustments and explore innovative approaches. Looking ahead, they envision the potential establishment of a learning hub for their partner community through additional partnerships. Notably, they successfully identified opportunities for potential collaborations with other organizations, fostering cross-partnerships between weavers and sewers in the region. This collaborative effort not only brought about mutual growth but also facilitated new skill development for the INDI team.