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ReThink: Catalyzing Systems Change Through Women's Leadership

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2:00PM ID/TH; 3:00PM PH/SG
Welcome + getting ready for rethinking
2:10PM ID/TH; 3:10PM PH/SG
Opening Message & Keynote Address

Zoom Link: http://bit.ly/rethink-awse

Why ReThink? And how might we create better approaches and conditions for systems change through women's leadership?

2:20PM ID/TH; 3:20PM PH/SG
[Plenary Session] SCALING DEEP: Rethinking Narratives of Invisible Power and the Female Gender

Zoom Link: http://bit.ly/rethink-awse

In what ways are we seeing women leaders redefining “success” and "progress"? And how are WSEs and their communities contributing to this? How might we get more support from others currently outside the movement more involved in this conversation? This panel surfaces the unaccountable work of women in the family, community, society and the environment, and how we might rewrite the narratives about the contribution of women in these spaces.

3:10PM ID/TH; 4:10PM PH/SG
Introduction to parallel sessions
3:20PM ID/TH; 4:20PM PH/SG
[Parallel Session] DEEPEN: Rethinking partnerships & collaborations

Zoom Link: http://bit.ly/rethink-deepen

How might partnerships & collaborations better deepen the work of women towards an Everyone A Changemaker World? This panel aims to identify gaps in the support of women social entrepreneurs, and discuss how we might build alliances and partnerships towards a shared vision and creation of programs that can bring about systemic change for women changemakers.

3:20PM ID/TH; 4:20PM PH/SG
[Parallel Session] STRENGTHEN: Rethinking capacity-building approaches

Zoom Link: http://bit.ly/rethink-strengthen

In the face of multiple uncertainties and ever-changing demands on women leaders and changemakers, how are we looking at our current approaches to capacity-building and catering them to emerging needs WSEs and the stakeholders they aim to serve? This session aims to uncover the gaps and surface new and necessary components to increase the capacity of WSEs to create impact.

3:20PM ID/TH; 4:20PM PH/SG
[Parallel Session] AMPLIFY: Rethinking communication & storytelling

Zoom Link: http://bit.ly/rethink-amplify

Great stories happen to those who can tell them. This session is intended to introduce different ways to approach communications, campaign, and storytelling to engage different stakeholders, to activate collaboration, and to create greater impact.

3:20PM ID/TH; 4:20PM PH/SG
[Parallel Session] CARE: Rethinking well-being for women changemakers

Zoom Link: http://bit.ly/rethink-care

Women changemakers' drive to create impact can often be accompanied by the belief that to do that, one must not stop working, because the work will never be done. However, those who have achieved systemic impact show the value of continuously step back to reflect and reframe the inner space from which they root their leadership. This session looks at the pressures WSEs tend to put on themselves, especially with the multiple burdens that come with being a woman, and how we might create spaces that allow women changemakers to normalize self-care, reflection and reconnection with their purpose and joy in their work. 

4:20PM ID/TH; 5:20PM PH/SG
[Plenary Session] SCALING OUT: How women are building the next generation of changemakers

Zoom Link: http://bit.ly/rethink-awse

How might we continue building “an everyone a changemaker” world through the next generation? This final session aims to bring together highlights, reflections and further questions that are coming up from the parallel sessions, and give a platform for young changemakers to share how women have shaped them and their own changemaking.

4:50PM ID/TH; 5:50PM PH/SG
[Closing Call-to action] Building A Movement for Women's Leadership

Keynote Speech

Delivered by Najwa Shihab, with opening message from Nani Zulminarni

SCALING DEEP: Rethinking Narratives of Invisible Power and the Female Gender

Moderated by Cheyl Chen

DEEPEN: Rethinking partnerships & collaborations

Moderated by Zhihan Lee

STRENGTHEN: Rethinking capacity-building approaches

Moderated by Rajesh Varghese

AMPLIFY: Rethinking communication & storytelling

Moderated by Amelia Hapsari

CARE: Rethinking well-being for women changemakers

Moderated by Jen Horn

SCALING OUT: How women are building the next generation of changemakers

Hosted by Varistha Nakornthap