DIWA Capacity-building Program is a three-month long online capacity building program made possible by our partnership with S&P Global Foundation. This program will bring together 25 Women Social Entrepreneurs (WSEs) on a holistic learning journey that empowers them to create stronger impact, all while establishing a community of determined WSEs in ASEAN.   

If you are a WSE who wants to build their capacity, deepen their impact, and be part of a community of strong female leaders, apply to be a part of our DIWA program. Join us in our movement of empowering female leaders through increasing their confidence and fostering community.  

Objectives of the program: 

To enable and empower Women Social Entrepreneurs in creating an "Everyone a Changemaker" world through: 

  1. Nurturing the skills, knowledge, and leadership of WSEs through DIWA capacity-building programme 

  1. Generating awareness and interest in the role and impact of women in making "Everyone a Changemaker" movement 

  1. Growing an ecosystem of partners and network of sustaining support for WSEs.  

  • The value of this program is further enhanced by a close-knit community of WSEs who are dedicated to being Changemakers in ASEAN. We need an army of women changemakers to solve pressing problems in ASEAN. This community will provide support and friendship to make this journey of creating systemic change less lonely. 

Participants in this program will gain knowledge and a better understanding of: 

  • CARE: Women Leadership for System Change 

  • Learn how to be a better communicator and empathizer. This module will work on increasing women’s confidence and getting them to identify their leadership strengths and gaps to build a strong team.  

  • IMPACT: Strategies for System Change: 

  • Learn to develop your impact strategy by identifying key business leverage points and opportunities for partnerships.  

  • AMPLIFY: Purposeful Branding and Movement Marketing 

  • Amplify your mission by owning and sharing your narratives to activate long-lasting and purposeful partnerships, while building and sustaining changemaking movements. 

Participants will gain access to: <format> 

  • A community of other women social entrepreneurs 

  • Access to toolkits and conversations on topics that will influence their work and build their networks 


To confirm your eligibility to the program, please tick the box if your answer is yes to the following questions. 

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