The DIWA Onwards Together event for Indonesia was held on 15th July 2023 in Yogyakarta and attended by 15 WSEs, 6 Ashoka Staff, and 4 supporting team members. 

In the first session called The Past: The Challenges Faced and the Hopes Present, the WSEs were invited to recall what specific challenges and expectations were felt that encouraged the desire to enroll to the DIWA (or at that time AWSE) Ashoka program, The session was facilitated by Zhiela (Z), the Philippine DIWA coordinator who is also a DIWA Alumni in 2021. As with Z shared, each participant also highlighted the mental health challenges during the pandemic, the demand for new strategies as the response of survival, and the necessity of collaboration as the answer to those obstacles mentioned. 

After looking back on the challenges and expectations before participating in the DIWA Program, the participating WSEs then reflected on the changes occurred within themselves at the individual, organizational, and community levels they served. The major changes were related to branding (both individual and organizational), self-awareness, managerial skill, and the opportunity to transfer values and nurture collaboration beyond existing networks.  

In the Session 3, The Future: Shaping the Future of Inclusive Women's Social Entrepreneurship, participants were grouped based on the legality forms of institutions, i.e. non-profit, and hybrid/profit to discuss 1) the challenges within their respective ecosystems, 2) the vision of ideal/expectations of the future and 3) the recommendations or measures that could be taken as bridges to realization of such ideals. With different forms of institutions' legality naturally the landscape of challenges and opportunities is also different. From the discussion, it can be concluded that whatever the legality of the institutions, these WSE works are interrelated, so it is impossible to do the impact work alone. They all share a common perception that to achieve the ideal conditions requires system change. This system change cannot be expected to be carried out by one agency alone but must be pursued jointly. 

The event was wrapped with the spirit of rises. Each of the WSEs delivered memorable moments and the gift they will be honored to give to the community of DIWA and the development of Ashoka’s movement where everyone is a changemaker.