The gathering included influential figures like Ms. Nani Zulminarni, Southeast Asia Diamond Leader, Ms. Ayendha Kukuh Pangesti, DIWA Program Manager Southeast Asia and Ms. Sinee Chaktharanon Thailand acting country manager., alongside representatives from various organizations supportive of social entrepreneurship. The event was organized by Thailand's DIWA program manager, Mr. Sornchai Chatwiriyachai.  

The meeting, expertly facilitated by Khun Warittha, kicked off with a focus on creating a safe, supportive space for dialogue and exchange. The attendees engaged in an ice-breaking activity called "Butterfly Walk", which allowed them to interact and discuss personal values, ways of coping with fatigue, and their expectations from the meeting. This session was instrumental in setting a tone of openness and mutual understanding. 

A key part of the meeting involved participants sharing their experiences in social entrepreneurship. These stories painted a vivid picture of individual challenges and aspirations, highlighting diverse journeys from adapting to online teaching during COVID-19 to efforts in developing sustainable food networks. The depth of the discussions underlined the unique struggles and hopes of each participant, revealing the common thread of resilience and determination that ran through their stories. 

The reflection segment was particularly insightful. Groups, divided based on their DIWA cohort year, delved into the impact of the DIWA Project on their personal growth, organizational strategies, and community engagement. This led to a rich tapestry of insights about personal development, strategic thinking, and community involvement in social entrepreneurship. 

The meeting also served as a platform to understand Ashoka's role in strengthening social entrepreneurship. It included a comprehensive overview of Ashoka Thailand and its vision, along with its partnership with SE Thailand. The discussions around future plans and opportunities were forward-looking, with attendees brainstorming about leveraging partnerships with Ashoka and other organizations. This session highlighted the importance of strategic shifts and networking for future growth and sustainability. 

A highlight of the event was the discussion on Ashoka's global perspective, led by Ms. Nani Zulminarni. She emphasized the urgent need for more changemakers in response to the rapidly evolving world in the vision of Ashoka's EACH. The conversation covered the critical need for empathy, innovation, and strategic action in fostering societal change. 

The meeting concluded with reflections on the day's rich discussions, with participants expressing gratitude for the opportunity to connect and share insights. The collective sentiment underscored the power of collaboration and learning, and the necessity for continued support within the social entrepreneurship community. 

As the meeting ended at 4:55 PM, there was a palpable sense of accomplishment and anticipation for the future, marking the event as not just a meeting of minds but a confluence of hearts, all committed to social entrepreneurship.