Year 1 Advancing Women Social Entrepreneurs Virtual Summit

In partnership with S&P Global Foundation, Ashoka spearheaded a regional study on Advancing Women Social Entrepreneurs (WSEs) in ASEAN. Women drive a sizeable portion of this fast-growing region’s development, yet there are rarely platforms—locally or internationally—that recognize the determination and power of female Changemakers. We therefore aimed to learn about and celebrate the work of over 100 inspirational WSEs across Southeast Asia with our study.  

After a year of research and conversations with passionate WSEs, we did a virtual launch of our report on 13 August 2020; this celebrated the contributions of these women while brainstorming possibilities for the future. Here, relevant stakeholders from all across ASEAN gathered to discuss the report’s key insights through panel discussions. This event brought together some of the most prominent women leaders of the region with corporates, entrepreneurs, Changemakers, and more to foster a world that is more welcoming and celebratory of female leadership. 

Keep an eye out for our Year 2 Summit, which will be held in late 2021!